Podcast: Vous êtes très belle – Joni Todd and Karen Turman on the Salford Purple Reign Conference

Just under two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with two more presenters from the University of Salford’s interdisciplinary Prince conference: Joni Todd and Karen Turman, who you may know by reputation as the “esoteric French panel.” But if all that sounds too highbrow, don’t worry; we mostly talked about Prince’s impeccable fashion sense and uncompromising artistic vision, just with a lot of references to Charles Baudelaire and Marcel Duchamp. It’s probably the only Prince podcast you’ll hear that mentions both “Pussy Control” and Walter Benjamin, and that’s the best endorsement I can give.

00:00:00   “Do U Lie?” (from Parade, 1986)

00:01:10   The First Post-Conference Podcast with Jane Clare Jones

00:07:39   “All the Critics Love U in New York” (from 1999, 1982)

00:15:50   “P Control” (from The Gold Experience, 1995)

00:19:00   The Car Karen Saw During Her Brief Career as a Prince Stalker

© NPG Records

00:21:34 “Prince Welcomes Black Journalists Association for an Unusual Night at Paisley Park

00:23:20   Actual Footage of Prince Reacting to Karen at Paisley Park, 2015


00:24:55   Intro from the Paisley Park Piano & a Microphone Show, January 2016

00:29:18   “Kiss” (from Parade)

00:36:18   “Just My Imagination” (Live at the Trojan Horse, The Hague, 1988)

00:43:23   My Podcast with Harold Pride and Felicia Holman

00:45:37   “Hot Thing (Extended Remix)” (1987 Single)

00:56:10   “Mia Bocca” by Jill Jones (from Jill Jones, 1987)

01:00:45   The “Raspberry Beret” Cloud Suit

Photo by John Wagner, stolen from the Nottingham Post.

01:01:39 The Suit Prince Wore for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Performance, 2004

Photo by Ackerman + Gruber for the New York Times

01:03:00   The Purple Rain Outfit

Photo stolen from the Minnesota Historical Society

01:03:17 The “Raspberry Beret” Video

01:03:29   The Atrium in Paisley Park

© Paisley Park/NPG Records

01:05:05   Monica Miller’s Slaves to Fashion

01:11:43   “When Doves Cry” (from Purple Rain, 1984)

01:13:23   Rising Star by Rhonda Garelick

01:13:32   Prince on the Cover of Esquire, 1995


01:15:39   “I’ll Do Anything” (1992 Recording)

01:16:22   Marcel Duchamp’s “L.H.O.O.Q.” (1919)


01:16:55   Duchamp’s “Fountain” (1917)


01:17:16   Duchamp’s “Bicycle Wheel” (1916-1917)


01:17:48   Duchamp’s “In Advance of the Broken Arm” (1915)


01:19:42   “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6 (from Vanity 6, 1982)

01:20:30   Duchamp as Rrose Sélavy, 1921

Photo by Man Ray

01:22:15 The Revolution’s Androgynous Doubling, 1985

© Warner Bros.

01:22:58 Cat (or Prince?!?!) on the “Sign ‘O’ the Times” Single Cover, 1987

© Warner Bros.

01:23:44   “Rockhard in a Funky Place” (from Camille, 1986)

01:24:36   Ben Greenman’s 1997 Interview with the Artist

01:24:49   Herculine Barbin, Prince’s Possible (If Not Probable) Inspiration for Camille

01:26:49   George Cukor’s Camille (1936)

01:28:33   “Erotic City” (1984 B-Side, available on Purple Rain – Deluxe Edition)

01:33:33   Walter Benjamin’s “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

01:33:55   Duchamp’s “Box in a Valise” (1935-41)

01:38:04   “1999 (The New Master)” (1999 Single)

01:50:06   “To Be Yourself Completely: The Collective Grief of Losing Prince

01:51:39   “New Position”/”I Wonder U” (from Parade)

01:53:21   The Upcoming Minneapolis Prince Conference

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Another mind provoking discussion thx! Regarding Prince’s fashion, as a youngster growing up in the African American community in the 60’s-70’s I am sure he was well aware of Eleganza fashions, the cutting edge alternative “dandy” fashion line, this may have influenced his alternative bold fashion sense. Although unique, Prince was still highly influenced by the heroes of music he grew up with (Hendrix, J Brown, Little Richard). He paid them respects in different ways fashion wise and musically, for example,”Possessed,” (ode to J Brown), coughing at the beginning of Raspberry Beret (Hendrix coughed on several tracks), Erotic City has shades of “Knee Deep.” There are many examples, some obvious, some very subtle or somewhat hidden. Peace and love!

Another example, I think mr.”I am against sampling” also sampled Hendrix “Little Miss Lover” on his Tick Tick Bang…on the shoulders of giants! Still love P in all his humanity warts and all! Peace and love!

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