Podcast The Time, 1981

Podcast: 40 Years of The Time – A Conversation with Darling Nisi and Harold Pride

Darling Nisi and Harold Pride return for another in-depth retrospective on the 1981 debut album by the Time.

July 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the self-titled debut album by the Time; so, I decided to commemorate the occasion by bringing back Darling Nisi and Harold Pride for one of our trademark track-by-track deep dives. As always, the conversation left me thinking about the album in new ways: from KaNisa’s interpretation of it as Prince’s tribute to the funk music of his youth, to Harold’s insight on its significance to the development of electronic dance music. I remain grateful to be able to talk about music with these two brilliant people.

Last time, I promised I’d have another podcast episode ready in less than the almost two-year gap between our Prince (1979) and Dirty Mind episodes; and, technically, I did make good on that promise, since it’s “only” been 10 months since Dirty Mind last September. But for real, I’ll be back much sooner this time–like, probably around this time next month. So, if you haven’t already, subscribe to Dance / Music / Sex / Romance on your podcast provider of choice; and, if the spirit moves you, you can even leave a review! You’ll be hearing from me again very soon.

00:00:00 “The Stick” (Live at the Roxy Theatre, 1982)

00:02:17 Harold’s Presentation at De Angela Duff’s #1plus1plus1is3 Virtual Symposium

00:02:22 KaNisa’s Presentation at #1plus1plus1is3

00:02:26 KaNisa’s Podcast, Muse 2 the Pharaoh

00:03:13 The (Kinda Underwhelming) “Expanded Edition” of The Time

00:03:36 The #1plus1plus1is3 The Time Roundtable with Big Sexy, Richard Cole, Michael Dean, Eloy Lasanta, and Ricky Wyatt

00:03:54 Zach’s Controversial Roundtable on the Time’s Pandemonium from the #DM30GB40 Virtual Symposium

00:04:38 Allen Beaulieu’s Iconic Cover Photo for The Time

© Warner Bros.

00:05:26 Zach’s Original Takes on The Time Tracks from 2018

00:08:11 Songwriting Contract between Prince/Tionna Music and Dez Dickerson for “Cool

00:13:57 Our Podcast on Prince (1979)

00:19:28 Our Podcast on Dirty Mind

00:20:35 “Partyup” (Live with Morris Day at First Avenue, 1982)

00:24:03 “Rough” (1980 Recording)

00:32:16 “Get It Up” (from The Time, 1981)

00:33:43 “Dazz” by Brick (from Good High, 1976)

00:34:48 Morris Day’s recent appearance on the Questlove Supreme Podcast

00:40:34 “Get It Up” could have gone over well at the party in Cooley High (Michael Schultz, 1975)

00:42:06 “Get It Up” by TLC (from Poetic Justice: Music from the Motion Picture, 1993)

00:45:32 “Get It Up” (Live at the Roxy)

00:51:53 “Girl” (from The Time)

00:53:10 Morris’ recent interview in Rolling Stone

01:00:29 “Girl” by Full Force (from Don’t Sleep!, 1992)

01:03:09 “After Hi School” (from The Time)

01:14:51 “Cool” (from The Time)

01:21:52 “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson (from Off the Wall, 1979)

01:24:33 “Cool” (Live at the Roxy)

01:25:10 Chuck Statler’s music video for “Cool”

01:25:56 If you don’t know what happened with Chuck Statler’s The Second Coming movie, now you know

01:26:27 Another artifact from Prince’s “standing in front of a classroom” period

1981 promotional poster for Controversy; © Warner Bros.

01:29:33 “Oh, Baby” (from The Time)

01:36:01 “The Stick” (from The Time)

01:39:47 “The Stick” (from NPG Ahdio Show #9, 2001)

01:44:48 “Get It Up” (Live at the Capitol Theatre, 1982)

01:54:06 “Oaktown” by Hammer (from The Funky Headhunter, 1994)

By Zachary Hoskins

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