Podcast: Nothing Compares – A Conversation with Marylou Badeaux, Author of Moments… Remembering Prince

This is the last d / m / s / r podcast of 2017, and I have to say we’re going out on a high note. It was my honor and privilege to speak with Marylou Badeaux: a former Warner Bros. executive who worked closely with Prince for his 17 years with the label, and the author of the newly-released memoir Moments… Remembering Prince. You can probably tell that I was a little nervous at the beginning of the conversation, but we warmed up quickly and had a great chat about Prince and his relationship with the label that, for better or worse, defined his era of peak artistic achievement.

Now, I have one last item of business to conduct before the podcast goes on holiday break. There are actually two winners of my contest for iTunes and Stitcher reviews–one for each platform. The first is Louise Be, for her eloquent and incredibly flattering review on Stitcher; the second is Mafalda Taborda, who not only left a very nice review on iTunes, but was also the first person to review the podcast on any platform. Louise and Mafalda, if you’re reading and/or listening to this, please email me and let me know which of the two recent Prince books you would prefer me to send: Marylou’s Moments, or Duane Tudahl’s Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions. And for everyone else who participated–and those who didn’t!–thanks for making the first year of the dance / music / sex / romance podcast such a pleasure to put together. I can’t wait to see where things go in 2018.

00:00:00   “We Can Work It Out” (1977 Recording)

00:07:42   Previous Podcast with Duane Tudahl

00:08:56   “Prince and the Band” (Live at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan, 2004)

00:23:53   “Controversy” (1981 Single)

00:30:26   “When Doves Cry” (1984 Rehearsal)

00:36:36   “Dirty Mind” (from Dirty Mind, 1980)

00:37:45   Actual Photo of Prince at Warner Bros. H.Q., 1980

00:52:47 “Slave 2 the System” (1995 Recording)

01:00:47   “Nothing Compares 2 U” (1984 Recording)

01:20:27   Marylou’s Facebook Page

01:20:45   Marylou’s Website

01:22:48   “The Future” (from Batman, 1989)

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Score! for so many reasons…Prince + Mary Lou “Bad Ass” Badeaux, two rebel kindred souls! Prince had several people he was so lucky to have encountered and who helped him advance his career, Mary Lou was one of them, Mo Ostin another. Divine intervention? Great stories which provide insight into the humanity of other worldly Prince. Makes you miss him even more. Mary Lou is also so inspirational as a fearless but humble female pioneer, so smart, strong, ethical and sensitive at the same time. Peace and love love love Mary Lou!

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