Podcast: New Power – A Conversation with Takuya Futaesaku, Author of Words of Prince

I gave myself a little hiatus from the dance / music / sex / romance podcast after Celebration 2018, but now we’re back in business with guest Takuya Futaesaku, author of the book Words of Prince. Takki and I talk about his book and his experiences as a Prince fan in Japan; it was a pleasure to speak with him, so hopefully it will be a pleasure to listen, too! Special thanks this episode go to Crystal for helping me track down the Japanese shows you’ll hear during the podcast.

00:00:00   “Around the World in a Day” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall, 1986)

00:02:39   “When Doves Cry” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall)

00:04:46   “Condition of the Heart” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall)

00:07:10   “Christopher Tracy’s Parade” (Live at Osaka-jō Hall)

00:08:58   “Sometimes It Snows in April”  (Live at Yokohama Stadium, 1986)

00:13:24   “Bambi” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1990)

00:16:08   “Batdance” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1990)

00:18:38   “Vicki Waiting” (Live at Yokohama Stadium, 1996)

00:25:27   “Let’s Go Crazy” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1989)

00:29:30    d / m / s / r Podcast with Duane Tudahl

00:33:55   “The Everlasting Now” (Live at the Nippon Budokan, 2002)

00:41:53    John Blackwell’s Drum Solo from “The Question of U” (Live at the Budokan)

00:47:09   “Xenophobia” (Live at the Budokan)

01:00:35   “Dance On” (Live at the Tokyo Dome, 1989)

01:01:14   Buy Words of Prince on Amazon

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