10 thoughts on “Sex Machine: Grand Central, 1973-1976

  1. Hi Zach – I just wondered if you’d read the recent piece by fellow student, Elizabeth Fuller – she says, ‘He (P) also had a band, called Grand Central…made up of several other Central High students and friends, which played at least a couple of our school dances. The thing I remember most about those performances was one song, in particular, whose lyrics consisted of nothing but four-letter profanities’.



    1. Interesting! There seem to be a lot of stories about his lyrics being filthy during this period… I was somewhat skeptical seeing as he gave a lot of interviews around Dirty Mind, and seemed to be cultivating an image around that, but that wouldn’t explain this woman’s memory. Too bad no recordings seem to have survived!


  2. Zach….Thiz iz Terry Jackson….Sorry 2 Say….But a lot of thiz Stuff U Wrote…Especially about Pepe Willie….iz Totally False….I Would Truly Hate 2 Sue U….Git It Right


    1. Hi Terry (how weird to be speaking to you at the bottom of a post on Grand Central!). There is no original research on this blog; it’s primarily a critical project, analyzing Prince’s extant songs, with existing biographical information used as a background. So any factual inaccuracies would originate with my sources, which in this article include Andre Cymone’s recent interview with Billboard, Per Nilsen’s Dance Music Sex Romance, Alex Hahn’s Possessed, and an article in Wax Poetics for which Pepe Willie was interviewed. That being said, I obviously don’t want to be passing on any false information, so if you’d like to correct the record, I’m happy to assist in any way I can.


  3. I don’t know what my brother Terry Jackson finds so false in this story. The only thing I find not quite true is the reference to Andre’s name “Cymone” being Prince-given. As Andre’s oldest sister I know how he got the name “Cymone”.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Sylvia! I was actually just thinking I might want to edit that. I’d assumed, given Prince’s habit of nicknaming his collaborators, that “Cymone” was his idea; I should have known that was one of the many habits he and Andre apparently shared.


  4. Hi Zach – in the midst of enjoying your podcasts with Jane and fascination with all of the commentary, I clicked on this and plan to read every word you write from now to eternity. What is personal to me about this post are the years covered because those are the exact years I lived in Minneapolis (Nordeast to be exact and just over the bridge, not far from Andre’s house) right after college. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere my personal purple tsunami began the night of April 21, 2016. When I looked back at my own journey trying to reconstruct HOW and WHY I had pretty much missed the Prince train, it is striking to me how many near misses I had; much of which was due to the fact that I was 7 years older than Prince. I moved to Mpls in the summer of 1973 right after graduation because I was hired as an actor with a company called Shakespeare In The Streets. During that summer we performed in nearly every park in Minneapolis/St.Paul – and if you’ve ever been there you know how endless they are. I find myself wondering if that young band was ever playing in the same park or nearby. I moved to LA in 1976 the year P graduated high school. Crazy.

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