Podcast Prince, 1979

Podcast: Prince (1979) Revisited

October 19, 2018 marks the 39th anniversary of Prince’s self-titled second album–not the most glamorous occasion, perhaps, but reason enough to reassemble the review panel from our For You podcast for a reappraisal. Once again, Zach is joined by Harold and KaNisa for a track-by-track discussion of this underappreciated album, its resonances throughout Prince’s career, and why it still matters.


Prince (Protégé) Summer: 1-800-NEW-FUNK

Hey, remember when I said I was only gonna do one real post this week? Well, that clearly didn’t happen. But I did, at least, have time to write the penultimate installment of my Prince (Protégé) Summer guest series on Andresmusictalk. This time, I’m remembering the frankly-kinda-unmemorable 1994 compilation 1-800-NEW-FUNK.

Prince (Protégé) Summer:

Next week–for real, this time–we’ll wrap up our series of posts on For You. See you soon!