Prince Track by Track: “Daddy Pop”

Prince Track by Track: “Daddy Pop”

(Featured Image: Prince on The Arsenio Hall Show, 1991; © Paramount Domestic Television.)

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m starting 2018 more excited about this project than ever, and I think you’ll enjoy what I have planned. But first, here’s something I did for another chronological Prince project: Darren Husted’s excellent podcast Prince: Track by Track. Our topic this time around is a bit of a guilty pleasure: the Diamonds and Pearls album cut “Daddy Pop.” But you should still listen, if only to hear my surprisingly spirited defense of Tony M:

Prince Track by Track: “Daddy Pop”

While I’ve got you here, I guess I might as well talk about a few of those things I have planned for the months to come. First up will be another, imaginative look at what might have been for Prince’s relationship with André Cymone; then, starting next week, I’ll be jumping into the songs that became the debut album by Prince’s first official protégé group, the Time. On the podcast, you can also look forward to an interview with Kimberly Ransom, whose work appeared both at last spring’s University of Salford Prince conference and in last fall’s special Prince issue of the Journal of African American Studies. I’m also in the very, very early brainstorming period for a series of podcasts on each of Prince’s albums I’ve covered in writing so far, beginning with the 40th anniversary of For You in April. If you have any ideas for that–including suggestions for possible guests–you know where to find me.


Prince Track by Track: “Joy in Repetition”

Prince Track by Track: “Joy in Repetition”

(Featured Image: The Kid’s Saintly Refusal to Sexually Assault Aura in Graffiti Bridge; © Warner Bros.)

Last month, I said I wouldn’t be on any more episodes of Prince: Track by Track in 2017, but it turns out I was misremembering. So, here’s me with podcast host Darren Husted talking about one of my all-time favorite Prince tracks, “Joy in Repetition”:

Prince Track by Track: “Joy in Repetition”

This is–for real–the last time you’ll hear me talking about Prince until next year. I will, however, be back by the end of the week with a nice, long post about “Do Me, Baby,” so don’t go into winter hibernation just yet!

Watercolor by Nazzpuller

While I continue to drag my feet on the next “proper” post, I thought I would alert my readers to yet another venture I have underway. As you may or may not know, I have another running vanity project I do with my sister called Dystopian Dance Party, which recently reinvented itself from a blog into a podcast/physical zine. We’re launching the physical zine next April, with a theme that is near and dear to our hearts: Prince, obviously.

So, we are currently seeking writing and art submissions, which can include (but are not limited to) critical essays, personal reflections, poetry, paintings, comics, good fan art, bad fan art, erotic fan fiction, non-explicit but still ineffably erotic fan fiction, and any other creative work about or inspired by Prince. We will, of course, not publish any material under copyright to anyone other than yourself.

Guidelines for submissions are intentionally loose because we value eclecticism, free expression, and self-indulgence in all forms. We will consider all submissions, but will inevitably be biased toward work that is fun, slightly irreverent, sex-positive, or politically progressive (in other words, more Prince circa 1982, less Prince circa 2002).

You will probably not be paid. We will also probably not be paid. We fully expect this to be a break-even enterprise at best; if, however, we end up making more money than we need to break even, we will provide modest compensation for your work. In the meantime, any work you submit will belong entirely to you: you may, and are encouraged to, publish or submit it anywhere else you wish.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, with a cut-off date of January 31, 2018. Please direct queries and submissions to

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments–and of course, please share to anyone you think might be interested! I’ll be back with something slightly less self-promotional soon.

Prince Track by Track: “Dance On”

Prince Track by Track: “Dance On”

(Featured Image: Prince with Boni Boyer and Sheila E at Oakland Coliseum, 1988; photo stolen from SF Weekly.)

First, allow me to make my customary apology for how quiet it’s been around these parts lately: October was a disaster for me on several fronts, and my free time has taken an according hit. Fortunately, Darren Husted has come through with my latest guest appearance on his chronological Prince podcast, Prince: Track by Track. We’re talking about one of my favorite dark-horse cuts from Lovesexy, “Dance On”:

Prince Track by Track: “Dance On”

I believe this will be my last appearance on Track by Track in 2017–in the meantime, look out for some more stuff in the coming weeks on d / m / s / r!