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By Zachary Hoskins

Recovering academic. Music writing at Slant, Spectrum Culture, and elsewhere. I also do podcasts with my little sister as Dystopian Dance Party.

2 replies on “Patreon Exclusive Video: November 2022 Patreon Update”

thanks.. I guess I’ve been out of the loop too.. I have no idea what scarfgate is! As to your question about how to treat ATWIAD, relative to Purple Rain… ATWIAD might be the only post-Purple Rain album that is mostly not influenced by the Purple Rain phenomena. It was somewhat of an albatros that he carried around forever after, but none of that had happened when he recorded ATWIAD, so it was more or less business as usual, like earlier records. On a personal note, I was eagerly awaiting this album and it probably is my favourite album/period, but I never associated it with Purple Rain. The atmosphere, marketing and songs seem simply too different.

At the same time, I can totally see the “2 sides of the same coin” argument and it might make an interesting read. If it were up to me though, I’d just keep them separate. ATWIAD seems more the time when he’s exploring how to resurrect his kingdom after the fall of The Time and ” 6″. The Family, the songs for others, the Jill Jones recordings, the preparations for the building of Paisley Park (it’s not a coincidence he used the name for 2 tracks in this period and that he’s exploring the same idea in Roadhouse Garden). He’s looking forward in many directions and does whatever time and attention span allows. Quite different from the forced focus of the Purple Rain movie. (somehow he was less focused for Cherry Moon) 🙂

Re: Scarfgate, I’m going to do you a favor and let you remain in blissful ignorance! Just a Prince Twitter tempest in a teacup… it’s exhausting.

Re: ATWIAD, I like your thinking. And I think part of why I’ve been of two minds on the project is that the more I think of it, the ATWIAD “era” actually feels like it started even earlier… I think you could make a decent case that he was already moving past Purple Rain after shooting wrapped in late ’83; one reason why “When Doves Cry” sounds so radical is because it’s almost a year newer than the other material on the album! I definitely think there’s a way for me to both give ATWIAD its due and also excavate some of the ways in which it complemented/complicated Purple Rain. Plus it will be good practice for the rest of the story, because the timelines only get muddier from here.

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