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Patreon Exclusive Bonus Track: Traffic Jam

To modern ears, it sounds like a fragment from the greatest Sega Genesis soundtrack ever programmed.

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By Zachary Hoskins

Recovering academic. Music writing at Slant, Spectrum Culture, and elsewhere. I also do podcasts with my little sister as Dystopian Dance Party.

2 replies on “Patreon Exclusive Bonus Track: Traffic Jam”

Um….where have The Yes Ma’am’s been all my life?! Can’t believe I didn’t know about this, or frankly never heard Traffic Jam before (although I’d seem the name of the track floating around). Pure Purple Rain era. Loved it, and the 2012 revisit. Did they get busted for that? Thanks for posting Zach!

I actually found out about them from the footnote on the Prince Vault page, then I listened and was like… this is actually really good?!?! Shockingly they seem to have flown under Prince’s radar at the time, which I guess is bad news for the Yes Ma’ams (since they also flew under everyone else’s radar) but good news for us. Or maybe they had his tacit approval? (I know, I know, that one’s a stretch)

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