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Patreon Exclusive Video: August 2022 Patreon Update

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3 replies on “Patreon Exclusive Video: August 2022 Patreon Update”

Sorry you know there is a demo of The Glamorous Life with the words and Jessie Johnson and Jill Jones said he wrote it by himself. They said this a long time ago. Apples lies she has also said the cast of PR got their clothing ideas from her when they are wearing the same clothes from the 1999 tour. Was she on that tour

LOL, never heard the 1999 tour quote… that one I can’t justify. I’d also say as to the legitimacy of her songwriting claims, Spanish Villa >>> Manic Monday >> Glamorous Life (based on the Sunset Sound interview, she maybe possibly inspired the “you can’t afford it” line, but that’s it)

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