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Patreon Exclusive Review: Mr. Nelson on the North Side

If Mr. Nelson on the North Side accomplishes anything, it’s in making a case for the importance of talking to the actual members of the community that shaped Prince.

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2 replies on “Patreon Exclusive Review: Mr. Nelson on the North Side”

As Producer of Mr. Nelson On The North Side I was so appreciative of this honest revue. After producing a lifetime of feature films, this was truly the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced. From the lack of access to material to the ongoing estate issues, I found myself in a spinning dark chamber without being able to find the door. The thing that made the whole experience worth it was to meet this man called Spike. He’s truly the story and his mentorship of Prince should have been the only focus. If anything, I am most proud of that story. You’re right, the rest was fluff. I just tried to make it as entertaining as possible. Maybe I should have a go at one more cut.

Good to hear from you, and glad to hear my review was received in the spirit it was intended; like I said in the post, the reason I put it behind a paywall is because I know how hard it is to make a movie–especially with a less-than-cooperative estate involved–and the last thing I want to do is use the platform I have to discourage people from seeing it. The Spike stuff really was a revelation, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see it! And I’ll just say I hope the Estate puts the same energy into making a good documentary that they put into defending their “intellectual property.” (e_e)

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