Press Rewind: “Little Red Corvette”

Last month, I wrote a little more than 3,500 words about Prince’s first Top 10 single, “Little Red Corvette.” Lest you think that’s all I have to say about the song, here’s a little under an hour and a half of me on Jason Breininger’s Press Rewind podcast continuing to sing its praises:

Press Rewind: “Little Red Corvette”

That, at least for the time being, is the last I have to say about “Little Red Corvette”–though, as I note in the podcast, I could have gone on even longer than I did. Back here on the blog, I’ll be wrapping up the Time’s second album in the next couple of weeks. And, if you’ve been missing my beautiful voice, good news: not only am I scheduled to make another guest appearance on Press Rewind in the near future, but I am also a measly eight dollars away from my Patreon goal to relaunch the d / m / s / r podcast. The next person who supports the Patreon could easily be the person to push us over the edge! If you want to be that person, just click the link below:

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Hi Zach,

I finally found a job again (had a bit of a hard time recently, much like lots of other people), so I might have some expandable income again soon. I want to do this patreon thing, as I enjoy your blog a lot (which will/should become a book(s)), but I really do not enjoy podcasts, as I feel they are cumbersome and very difficult to get to the information. So.. is there also a patreon option that people can use to move the goalpost for the podcasts further away? I’d pay more if it means you *won’t* do podcasts and instead focus that time on writing your book, I mean posts.

Or do you simply enjoy podcasts so much that you’re looking for an excuse? 😉

grumpy-old-mannily yours,


Hahahaha, I was actually thinking of your anti-podcast stance when I asked current patrons a couple weeks ago if they wanted me to keep the podcast on the list of goals–the general consensus seemed to be yes, which I admit I found a little surprising. So much of putting content on the Internet feels like a vacuum; it’s hard to tell what is actually connecting with people and what isn’t (case in point, when I set the podcast goal for $100, I did not expect I would be this close to meeting that goal this quickly!).

So basically, I think there’s too much interest to promise that I *won’t* do any more podcasts, but I definitely expect it to remain a distant second in my list of priorities. I think they have their place, and they’re something I enjoy doing and they help me introduce different voices into the conversation other than my own, but at the peak of the podcast (when I was doing the series of presenters at the Purple Reign conference) I was doing as many as 3-4 episodes a month, which is…insane. So whether you decide to support the Patreon or not, I promise that, short of some miraculous event that makes me independently wealthy and allows me to quit my job and become a full-time Prince historian, I will not produce more than one episode per month.

A whole one each month!??!! 🙂

I don’t feel my voice is that important in the scheme of things. Even when I finally can donate a bit, it’s just as a token of appreciation for what’s already here. I’m happy you enjoy keeping it going. And it does seem that podcasts are a better way to be part of the Prince community, in a way. It can only help share the knowledge between more people and making it possible for whoever happens to run into Miko or Dez or any of the not often interviewed people to ask a pertinent question and take another piece of confusion away for whatever song or way of working.

So even I can say something positive about podcasts! My grumpy-man vibe must be off somehow. let me go shake my fist at some young whippersnappers.

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