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Patreon Exclusive: Preliminary Thoughts on the New 1999 Reissue

Let’s speculate on the thing that is going to knock a couple points off my credit score come November.

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By Zach

Recovering academic. Music writing at Slant, Spectrum Culture, and elsewhere. Arguably best known as the author of Dance / Music / Sex / Romance, a song-by-song chronological blog about the music of Prince.

3 replies on “Patreon Exclusive: Preliminary Thoughts on the New 1999 Reissue”

Yow! 70 Smackers for the 5xCD! At least it wasn’t $100, but… I wannit, I wannit, I wannit. For me THE Prince 3-album arc of triumph was the “Dirty Mind/Controversy/1999″ period. That represented the apex of his New Wave/Funk fusion groove thang. All 12” mixes and enough playing times to give Cabaret Voltaire ideas. This was his moment in the sun …before conquering the planet. Throw two Vault discs of ’81/’82 at me and I’m powerless to resist. No matter what the cost. And the live album will go a long way towards assuaging my pains over missing this tour as it taunted me in 1983.

Yeah, it is pricey for sure; I’m only buying it because I am bad with money and this project gives me an (albeit flimsy) excuse. But I agree, this period holds a really special place in my heart; I’m a big fan of 86-87 as well, but the scrappy punk-rock/proto-techno minimalism of 80-82 is probably my favorite. Now I just hope we get expanded versions of Dirty Mind and Controversy (with some of that Second Coming footage, s’il vous plait) in the next few years.

Oh, I don’t know about that Second Coming footage! Some things are better left unseen. But my mind melts at what might accompany DLX RMs of “Dirty Mind” and “Controversy.” I suspect that The Machine was not yet in high gear as he still worked in commercial studios, so maybe there might only be 3xCDs for those two. Maybe mixes/rarities and a live CD. It’s obvious that we are definitely simpatico on the best Prince period, then! Talking of video, I would not look askance at a comprehensive video album. That might be a box in itself. Though the period’s penchant for shooting on videotape would limit the end product to DVD. Fine with me. I’ll never have blu-ray®! Hell, I still watch any video on a CRT!

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