Prince Track by Track New Year’s Roundup

As usual, I took the last couple weeks of December off for the holidays, which meant I didn’t post the links to my last two appearances on Darren Husted’s Prince: Track by Track podcast. So here they are now: one of my favorite tracks from Prince’s extended universe, as well as one of the most forgettable. I’ll let you guess which one is which:

Prince Track by Track: “Hynoparadise”

Prince Track by Track: “A Love Bizarre”

With this bit of business out of the way, I’m now officially on track to kick off the blog for 2019. We’ll start tomorrow with a belated post from one of our alternate timelines, then it’s back to the Time’s second album next week. Happy New Year!

2 replies on “Prince Track by Track New Year’s Roundup”

I listened to them both Zach. The discussion about A Love Bizarre was interesting particularly as the subsequent conversation Darren had about Glamorous Life seemed largely to centre on lingerie and mink coats.
Well done for keeping up your end of the debate.

I cringed a little listening to that episode because I’m still trying to verbalize what I find so appealing about the song and I wasn’t finding the words in the moment–I’ll get there eventually!

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