(Featured Image: Back cover for Xpectation, 2003; © NPG Records.)

First, for any readers waiting for the next real post, a quick update: I have begun to slip into my customary holiday-season (/fitfully year-round) sloth, but I expect to have finished my next piece, covering Prince’s adventures with the Time on the Controversy tour, before Thanksgiving. In the meantime, here’s a consolation prize in the form of me and Prince: Track by Track host Darren Husted talking about one of Prince’s smooth jazz tracks for 18 minutes:

Prince Track by Track: “Xogenous”

I regretfully will not be back on Track by Track to discuss Prince’s next smooth jazz album, but just yesterday we recorded three episodes with songs from MusicologyThe Chocolate Invasion, and The Slaughterhouse, so you can look forward to those by the end of the year!

3 thoughts on “Prince Track by Track: “Xogenous”

  1. I am so glad that you know that there are people out here waiting expectantly for your posts. I get excited when I see DMSR in my mailbox. I also feels twinge of disappointment when I am tossed a bone. But I will wait for the real thing. I really enjoyed you last few posts. Good meat.

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    1. Definitely good to know you all are out there (if also slightly nerve-wracking)! I’m disappointed in my productivity this year–I think between various commitments I just spread myself too thin. Aiming for less bones and more meat in 2019!

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      1. “Thin” like someone who was know as, and then formerly known as, and then again became know as Prince, maybe? Thin is not good. I know that from experience. I thought about you and the pressure to produce your blog a couple of weeks ago. Look at what you love to do and don’t put that off too long. When you bring love to what you do, it is no longer work, but balance is key; something I believe Prince struggled with. You might be a passionate swimmer but you have got to come up and breath once in a while. Balance is tough.Take care.

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