Prince Track by Track: “Dance On”

First, allow me to make my customary apology for how quiet it’s been around these parts lately: October was a disaster for me on several fronts, and my free time has taken an according hit. Fortunately, Darren Husted has come through with my latest guest appearance on his chronological Prince podcast, Prince: Track by Track. We’re talking about one of my favorite dark-horse cuts from Lovesexy, “Dance On”:

Prince Track by Track: “Dance On”

I believe this will be my last appearance on Track by Track in 2017–in the meantime, look out for some more stuff in the coming weeks on d / m / s / r!

By Zach

Recovering academic. Music writing at Slant, Spectrum Culture, and elsewhere. Arguably best known as the author of Dance / Music / Sex / Romance, a song-by-song chronological blog about the music of Prince.

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It’s a shame we won’t hear you on Track-by-Track anymore. This was a lively and very funny episode. Although Prince set up your punchlines nicely with some very silly lyrics. My favorite moment:

“Stealing ladies’ purses and setting them aflame.”
Was this a problem in 1987?

I’m old enough to recall 1987 in Minneapolis very vividly I don’t remember any epidemic of purse burning.

That’s a relief, hahaha! I actually just realized, I totally lied about this being my last appearance on the show this year–I’ll be back to talk about “Joy in Repetition” in early December! I also have a few episodes scheduled for 2018. Glad you’re enjoying the show!

Hey Zach…

I really, really enjoy your writing. Calling this a “blog” seems an injustice, somehow. Thanks for doing this and for sharing it with us. I look forward to, and read (sometimes, re-read) every single post. Every word here.

That aside…

You gotta interview this guy.

Do one of your ~2 hour long audio posts. I would love to hear about some of what he learned while writing the book. Why did he start it in the first place? Biggest surprise? Disappointment? Just anything. You two could go SUPER deep and you are approaching this era (1983-1984) anyway.

I know this isn’t the best place to post this request, but it was your latest post, so I thought I would try.

Again: I. Love. This. (notice I didn’t say “blog”)

Be well.

First, thanks so much for your kind words–I’m not fishing for praise, but seeing that people are enjoying this really keeps me going!

Second, I would love to have Duane on the podcast, and I know he’s made the rounds on a few others recently. I read his book and will have a review up hopefully by the end of the week–it’s fantastic (not that that’s any surprise). I’ll see if I can connect with him before the end of the year!

I second that sentiment Cliff! Zach you have many fans you inspire with your writing and insights on all things Prince…some people are just more vocal than others (guilty!) Onward! Peace and love!

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