(Featured Image: Cover art for Dig If You Will the Picture by Ben Greenman, from Amazon.)

No real post today–that’s coming tomorrow!–but I wanted to let you all know that the forthcoming special Prince issue of the Journal of African American Studies appears to be going to press. Also, I’m in it, with a revised and expanded version of my review of Ben Greenman’s recent book Dig If You Will the Picture: Funk, Sex, God, & Genius in the Music of Prince. You can read that review–for free!–right here:

Ben Greenman: Dig If You Will the Picture

No word yet on when the full issue will be available, but you can keep on eye on the JAAS website for updates. And you definitely should keep an eye out, because the issue looks incredible: with contributions from scholars including Kimberly C. Ransom, whose name you’ve probably heard come up in my series of podcasts on recent Prince scholarship. Though I only played a very, very small role in the making of this publication, I’m still very proud of the role I played, and excited to read everyone’s work.

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