Prince Track by Track: “D.M.S.R.”

Over the weekend, I not only recorded an episode of my own podcast, but also a couple of guest appearances on someone else’s: Darren Husted’s Prince: Track by Track. If you haven’t listened to Track by Track, it’s another effort in song-by-song Prince chronology, albeit with much better time management than my own humble project: Darren is already done with Purple Rain and starting on Around the World in a Day this week. For my inaugural appearance on the show, we talked about a song that is obviously very near and dear to my heart: “D.M.S.R.” Check it out, and the rest of Track by Track, right here:

Prince Track by Track: “D.M.S.R.”

I believe I’ll actually be making another appearance on Track by Track before the week is out; I’ll also be posting my own podcast on Friday. And yes, at some point, I will write another proper post; Darren’s progress has filled me with the appropriate amount of shame to get my ass back into gear.

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I always imagined the genesis of DMSR to be from the time Prince was with his first band Grand Central playing some early dive clubs in Minneapolis. I’ll bet the strange ending is some episode or commotion he may have actually heard in one of those early clubs. Prince chronicled his life and experiences in his music. I enjoyed the discussion, Zach you always add lots of flavor. Peace and love!

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