Good News/Bad News: d / m / s / r is on Spotify…and no longer on TIDAL

Hey everybody: as I’m sure many of you are aware, yesterday the stars aligned and Prince’s Warner Bros. catalogue became available on the half-dozen or so music streaming services that are not called TIDAL. That means two things: first and most importantly, I’m now able to have an accompanying playlist for the blog on Spotify, just like the one I had on Jay-Z’s elaborate tax shelter streaming service. You can find it here right here, and on every roundup post going forward:

dance / music / sex / romance on Spotify

Now, for the second, less exciting thing. Because the only actual reason I was paying for a TIDAL subscription was to access Prince’s catalogue, and because A Bitch is Broke, I will no longer be updating the TIDAL playlist. It also may disappear after my account lapses in March; I’m honestly not sure how these things work. But if you’re interested in following the blog on a streaming service, Spotify is now your one and only choice. Sorry! But also, you’re welcome!

I’ll have a real post on the site (and the Spotify playlist!) tomorrow. See you then!


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