(Featured Image: Cover art for The Rise of Prince 1958-1988 by Alex Hahn and Laura Tiebert, from Amazon.)

Hi all: since a few people have been asking–can’t tell you how surreal it is to be working on a personal project where there’s actually interest in the next installment!–I thought I’d check in this week with a status update. I had hoped to have a new post up by the end of the week (i.e., today), but as usual, it’s taking longer than originally planned. I won’t promise a specific date to expect it by, but I will promise that it will be much more substantial than what I’ve been writing for the last couple of months. I’ll be covering Prince’s first band and their earliest performances at the Capri Theatre in Minneapolis, so I want it to be well-researched and well-written enough to do justice to this important phase in his musical development. I can only hope that it will be worth the wait–and, again, it thrills me to no end that there are actually people waiting to read this!

In the meantime, I wanted to use what little platform I have to plug another Prince-related project that I am personally very excited about: a new biography by Alex Hahn and Laura Tiebert, The Rise of Prince 1958-1988. Alex was one of the earliest supporters of this blog: he and I touched base early on in both of our projects to compare notes, and he has always been exceedingly kind in his feedback. But I’d be excited to read his new work even if I didn’t Internet-know him: his previous book, 2003’s Possessed: The Rise and Fall of Prince, was the first Prince biography I ever read, and it still holds up as an excellent, narrative-focused, warts-and-all retelling of the first 25 years of the artist’s career. According to Alex, the new book is not a revision of Possessed but a drastic overhaul, with original research that should shed new light on Prince’s early years in particular. I can’t wait to add it to this blog’s ever-expanding bibliography.

To that end, if you’re interested in reading another Prince biography–and, if you read this blog, I imagine you probably are–The Rise of Prince is due to release digitally on February 28th, for the very reasonable price of $8.99; there should also be a paperback version available for preorder soon. If you, like me, are motivated by narcissism, Alex also noted on the book’s Facebook group that anyone who preorders the book before February 13th gets their name in the acknowledgements: just send an email by that date to theriseofprince@gmail.com. Having read Possessed and followed the new book’s development, I feel confident enough in its quality to add a preorder link to the sidebar on this site. And–this is where I smoothly transition from plugging for someone else to plugging for myself–if you use that link (or any of my other Amazon product links), you will also be supporting dance / music / sex / romance with a very small kickback. So, you know, here’s your chance to help out two independently-published Prince projects at the same time, and all it takes is nine U.S. dollars.

But really, even if you don’t use my affiliate link, you should check out The Rise of Prince. There are going to be a lot of books published about Prince in the coming months, some legit and some less so; based on what I know of this project and its authors, I have no doubt that this will be one of the legit ones. So that’s it, pitch over. See you again soon!


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