Prince (Protégé) Summer: Martika and Carmen Electra

Look, guys, I’m not trying to fish for sympathy here, but it’s my goddamn birthday and I just wrote a post about Carmen Fucking Electra’s Prince-produced 1993 album. Okay, maybe I am trying to fish for sympathy. Just click the damn link and share in my misery:

Prince (Protégé) Summer:
Martika and Carmen Electra

Don’t worry, though, I also take some time in this post to talk about Prince’s work on Martika’s Kitchen–which, incidentally, is also celebrating a birthday, as it turns 25 years old today! Remember to come back next week for more posts on, frankly, much better music. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go actually try to enjoy my birthday…Carmen-free.

By Zach

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2 replies on “Prince (Protégé) Summer: Martika and Carmen Electra”

Sorry to hear you had to spend part of your birthday writing about the Carmen Electra side project 🙁 On the chance it might help you feel better I did click through to the site and I read your post. Even left a comment. I did not view the video clip though because I had to draw the line somewhere lol. I hope you celebrated hard to make up to yourself for that post, and had a very happy birthday!

On to more reading here, I’m 2 posts behind at the moment. Having taken care of the tough one, it’s all pleasantness from hereon 🙂

Aw, thanks! It wasn’t *quite* as miserable an experience as I made it sound…roasting terrible albums can be fun sometimes. But yeah, Prince’s side projects after this could be boring (Bria Valente, etc.), but they would never be quite as unlistenable. The Carmen record really was astonishingly bad. Fortunately, at my current pace, I won’t have to write or think about it again for a long, long time. 🙂

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